For possibly the first Monday night in forever, Ryan and I didn't go to Flying Saucer.

Instead, we grabbed dinner at Freebirds, sold off some CDs, and spent a quiet evening at home, drinking wine and watching TV and just cuddling up with the dogs. It was a lovely way to spend a Monday night. Ryan has bowling tonight and I have no idea what I'm doing, but there isn't much I like better that quality time with my husband and the dogs.

Mom and Dad have booked one-way plane tickets to San Antonio for the 29th, so they can help us pack and then Dad can drive the truck to… wherever we end up moving. That part's still up in the air. We're going up there this weekend to look at houses after we attend Robin's graduation ceremony on Saturday. I can tell my parents are giddy excited about this whole thing because I can probably count on one hand the number of times they've flown ANYWHERE in my lifetime. And they are definitely not intra-state fliers… they wouldn't for this, I'm sure, except we'd have more vehicles than drivers if they didn't. Well, we'd have the same number, really, but Mom has made it clear that she is not driving that far by herself. Fair 'nuff.

It's a quiet day at work today, which is fine after yesterday's chaos. Whew. Just what my Excel-addled brain needed!


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