a case of the mondays

Ahhh, having a good time with the Construction Road Sign generator. There’s a lot of other sign generators over there, too.
Well… it’s actually Wednesday, but it feels like the third Monday in a row. Not because I’ve been having bad days… that’s not the case. But more because every morning I wake up and feel like I’ve hardly slept at all. (Because I haven’t!) We went to Saucer last night, which was sort of my idea, but we did get a carload of boxes from one of the managers there. We would have gotten out a little earlier if we had been waited on when we got there, instead of 15 minutes later after we were caught in the middle of a rousing game of “That’s not my table!” Ahh, my favorite game. At least it was biggie-for-the-price-of-a-pint night. $4 for 23-oz of Pilsner Urquell makes it all worth it.
I’m sure I can think of more to write, but it’s just so damn hard right now. My brain is tired. I think I’m gonna throw in the towel for now, maybe go back to making silly signs

2 responses to “a case of the mondays

  1. sleep is the most needed commodity right now…..I totally hear you on your Wednesday feeling like yet another Monday.

    Chin up—soon it will be Friday!!

  2. Ultimate sign generators list on http://www.ImageGenerator.org (hundreds of Web 2.0 image applications)

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