oh, and by the way…

…we’re buying a house!!!

It’s so freakin’ cute, it’s ridiculous. I love it! We made a super-quick trip to Sherman on Sunday (we left San Antonio at 5am) to meet with our realtor. She had us set to look at 11 houses but this one wasn’t even on the list… it happened to be next-door to a house that we were looking at (and did). It has some great space for relaxing, hobby-ing, and a big back yard for the dogs. I’ve set up a little website with photos if you’d like to check ’em out.
We move in on January 1st, we close on the 9th (short-term lease until then). I’m so so so excited!! And still so so so tired from the trip, but whatever… we’re buying a house!!

3 responses to “oh, and by the way…

  1. Hurray! What a cute house, and it looks like the perfect place for you and Ryan to start a family.

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. Congrats, I am sure that it will be a wonderful house for you all. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new house! Now do some hand stretches before you sign all the paperwork, because it takes forever!

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