interesting links/articles

Just a few things I’ve run across today that I’ve found fun, interesting, thought-provoking…

Good Riddance – an article over at Slate about the Episcopalian split, and why the author (Astrid Storm) thinks it’s good for the Episcopalian church.

NORAD Tracks Santa – I always thought this was the coolest thing… when I worked at KSN, on Christmas Eve there would always be video clips throughout the day on our server with computer-generated Santa-tracking images. I think what I like most about this is how into it the NORAD folks get… some of the clips had voiceovers from radar engineers, some were from celebrities, but they were all cute.

Season’s Sculpting – Carve your own ice sculpture (virtually, of course) courtesy of Office Max! There are a whole bunch of mini-games, too (check out the folder tab on the bottom right) – my favorites have been Shake the Globe and Yes I’m Working.

Worst Office Christmas Parties – via Slate… interesting article!


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