the final week

It is now SIX DAYS until Moving Day.

Today I finished off the mortgage application packet and sent it off to our lender. I also spoke to our realtor, who told me she’d be getting in touch with my dad to give him the keys, so when we drive up on New Year’s Day, we can get into the house.

A week from Thursday, Ryan will be heading up to Sherman, too. It’s all very exciting and NERVEWRACKING.

I know that we’ve gotten a lot done – almost all of the tiles for our four tables have been packed up, the china cabinet is emptied of dishes. The pictures and clocks are down from the walls, the bathrooms are almost empty. The linen closet is mostly empty. The pantry is looking bare, and the fridge only holds beer and Christmas leftovers. Most of our small kitchen appliances are in boxes. We sold off most of the CDs. The DVDs have been packed up, and the DVD player has been disconnected. We still need to do laundry and pack up clothes.

My goal today is to do two loads of laundry and finish packing the kitchen. Seems like a reasonable goal to me. Okay, I have one other goal – to go to bed earlier than I have for the past week. Ugh.

It’s been really, really quiet at work for my last week… there were three of us in the office today. My boss called in a couple of times, but only to say hello and see if he had any important emails. He’s since been checking his Blackberry pretty regularly, so I haven’t even had that to do.

I guess it’s about time to go home and get to work. The last week before the move always seems to be the hardest… neither Ryan nor I like to live in such a state of dishevelment. (Is that a word? Dishevelity? Dishevelitude? Disheveledness?)

Later, gators.


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