stress! stress! stress!

Oh geeeeeez, moving is a BITCH, man!

We’re almost, almost done packing the kitchen. All of the appliances, dishes, cookware, glassware, utensils and such are boxed up… what remains is the odds and ends, like a few tea towels and some plastic cups that we’ve been using to hydrate ourselves (we pour liquid in them first). Oh, and a whole bunch of beer.

The biggest monster left to tame is our bedroom. Perhaps we can do the closet tonight. Ryan’s mom and Cowboy Rick brought over a ton of brand-new U-Haul boxes and the wardrobe boxes that we bought when we moved here from Joplin (I had no idea Ryan had stowed them over there, but I’m glad he did). The new boxes have been a good motivating factor, because it’s nice when it doesn’t take 15 minutes to put the box back together because someone broke it down savagely…

I have not been getting enough sleep lately, and my face is breaking out. It’s been a strange week; Todd and Rachel are both in town for the holidays, so we have been spending a lot of time trying to catch up with them even as we try to tie up loose ends here. Last night we had committed to go out with Todd, Rachel and Meagan for M’s birthday… but first Ryan and I decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner and blow the gift cards I got for Christmas from work. Long, long wait, but the food was good and we have leftovers for dinner tonight. Also had a pitcher of sangria, which took the edge off a little bit. 🙂 We met the gang over at Sherlock’s where a cover band called The Max was playing, and they had cheap beer specials going on. It was fun, but we got home well after midnight and I woke up this morning protesting the hour.

No plans to go out tonight, which is good, because there’s a lot to do. I’ll probably be leaving work early today, as my boss told me yesterday to “feel free to compress [my] days” since there is little to do here and lots to do at home. I did my exit interview over the phone today, hopefully wrapped up all of my loose ends here. Coming in to work tomorrow is practically a formality at this point, but it will be nice to say goodbye to my boss before I go pick up my parents at the airport. I can’t believe this is finally all happening… it still seems a bit unreal.

And when I get really stressed, I just look at the picture of our new backyard and sigh, and think about sitting out there with the chiminea a-flickerin’. Ahhhhhhh.


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