postcards from the edge… of Sherman

Hello from Sherman, where it was sunny and chilly today, and although I spent the entire day running around doing errands, I drove less than 30 miles. Hurrah! Pictured is the Municipal Building, home of the City Council, the utilities department (why I was there), and Arts Fest every September…

I'm starting to get some stuff unpacked but it's hard to feel settled without Ryan here. Janette made the commute this morning/evening and assured me it "wasn't too bad." I taught her how to set the coffeepot so she can wake up to a fresh pot. I might have some in the morning myself… planning on waking up to catch at least part of the morning show that Ryan will soon be a part of!

Missing breakfast tacos, my old job, Flying Saucer and the warmer weather… but mostly I miss my husband, our friends and my dogs. I'm happy though, because it's a small friendly town that's QUIET at night… I didn't realize how quiet, even in our house by the railroad tracks, until last night when it occurred to me that there wasn't highway noise or sirens or loud music coming from Chacho's two blocks away. It's really refreshing! The lack of traffic is nice, too.

Can't wait for my family (Ryan, Barker and Hailey) to arrive so we can turn the dogs loose in our back yard… their very own dog park!!


One response to “postcards from the edge… of Sherman

  1. Hi! I thought it was funny that we both blog under the name Sarah Smile, and it appears we both moved over the same weekend too!

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