work, work, work

Hey y'all… just a quick check-in. I'm doing some work now… data entry for an independent businesswoman down at the courthouse for the most part (pictured). It's, well, data entry but I can't complain too much.

Closed on the house… it's ours now… well, the bank's anyway. But it's kind of exciting and sickening at the same time… is that weird? Just a lot to process, I feel okay about it overall though.

Last night Janette, Ryan and I went to Tokyo here in town for sushi, which was a good decision… quite tasty, very fresh. Ryan saw a Volcano Roll that the girl next to him had ordered and had a pang of "oooh, I want THAT" but we agreed that it looked like a meal in itself. Went by Best Buy after dinner so Janette could pick up a numerical keypad for her laptop. Still haven't found Mario Party in the stores… grrr! I did get over the spot in Zelda that was holding me up. On the other hand… now I'm actually "in the game" and I fear my limited video game confidence is gonna bite my butt.

Ummmm… might go get happy w/the folks at Cellarman's later… we shall see. Sorry for the lack of bloggin' out of me… it's been a time of adjustment, y'know!


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