hunkered down

Sherman is glazed in ice. On the surface, it is very pretty… the sun glistens off all of the tree branches, fences, telephone lines… but enough is enough! I enjoyed being in this weekend… but after a while I just get bored. I was looking forward to going in and doing some work today but my employer lives out of town, and circumstances have just prevented me from getting in a day's work. After spending 20 minutes defrosting my car (not including having to go back inside to get a cup of hot water to un-stick my frozen-shut door), I did drive downtown to see how things were shaping up (less than ideal, I'll admit) and made a stop at the teeny Starbucks in the hospital to grab something warm to drink.

So here I am, looking out of the south-facing windows at the silvery wonderland outside, dreading the time I will have to go back out there. Since I did spend so long trying to get ou of my driveway, I think I might stop by the store and get an ice scraper, as CD jewel cases aren't great alternatives. What can I say… I've been in warmer climes for two years, I just haven't NEEDED to scrape ice!


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