oooh, ferocious

Fear the Hailey Lion as she stalks… a warm place by the heater. No, really. A warm spot in this house is worth fighting for!

It is COLD here, mostly because it's wet and windy. But the temperature does make a difference. Brrrr. Ryan is on an anti-heater campaign so I just bundle up, throw an extra blanket or three on and hope I don't wake up with frostbite. We played Mario Party tonight and Hailey and Barker were really wanting a piece of the blanket!

Tomorrow is my one morning to really sleep in with Ryan. I set the coffee pot for 10:15, and it will be done by 10:30. And will stay warm for two hours. So, you know, no rush. Ryan invited our realtor over for dinner but we haven't heard from her, so we'll probably go to Mom and Dad's for dinner instead. Mexican Manicotti… it's like I'm 8 again, and I LOVE THAT.

I'm very cold so I think I'll go to sleep now and try not to think about it.


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