starting over

Again… I'm out of work.

I was doing that contract work downtown, and it was… okay… but the woman I was working for decided that the project she had me working on would take a long time and (thus) be very expensive (for her). So… now I'm back to square one, looking for a job.

Ryan and I had a discussion yesterday about the fact that I don't have a career plan. The real fact is that I have NEVER had a career plan… I always thought, hey, I'm amenable to doing whatever comes along. But that's not the case… now, like everyone else, I want to make more money and so the "whatever" jobs are harder to do because they don't pay enough. I don't know, I've always done something that I enjoy for the most part… but I guess that I have never really wanted something over all others.

I like to write… a lot. I would say that if I could make money writing – about things in my life, about other people, as long as it's GOOD – I would really enjoy that. I also like doing layouts… I also like working with pictures. If I had money… first of all we wouldn't be having this conversation… but it would be cool to create a magazine. I think I would really like working for a local magazine because I have always felt a lot of love for this area. I wonder what it takes to become a magazine writer or columnist… or even a copy editor? People still read magazines, right?


2 responses to “starting over

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Of course people still read magazines!!! And some have subscriptions to more than one magazine. So maybe this is something to think about–doing freelance articles for a couple of magazines….it can’t hurt and would allow you to be creative in what you write about?? Just thinking.

  2. Hi!
    I work for a food magazine and I follow your blog from time to time. I’m not very high up the ladder and I simply work for the Sales/Advertising team. If you would be interested in writing about food let me know and I would be glad to pass on your article to the editorial team. Could you provide me with your email ID so I can write to you there. Also I can mail you some copies of our magazine so you can get an idea of what kind of writing do we cater to.

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