slackerin’ and workin’ and everything in between

Back to the land of the working!

Let me back up. Last Thursday morning Ryan mentioned me to the production manager at the station, and by the afternoon I was sitting in the conference room interviewing with him and the general manager. I did the drug test and then Friday morning went back up to the station to do a little more paperwork…

Friday afternoon, Ryan and I left to drive for many hours to San Antonio. We spent Friday night at home with his family (after getting in later than we had hoped) and then a crazy Saturday of running around town, getting haircuts, and picking up some new dress shirts and ties for his anchoring gig. We drove back to his mom’s, got dressed up and headed BACK across town to Helotes where his cousin was getting married.

The wedding was nice, and we went off to the reception which was way out toward Bulverde… I feel like I should be mapping this for all you non-San-Antonio types, but you can do that if you’re really really curious. We stayed for a little bit at the reception before heading to John and Mica’s going away party in Shavano Park (look it up!).

We had a great time at the party, lots of food and drinks and friends and laughter and we were all very emotional and silly and sad. We got to see some folks that we hadn’t seen since New Year’s, and since John and Mica’s wedding… it was a great reunion before they head off to Kiribati with the Peace Corps. They have a great blog about their experience that I hope they’ll be able to continue to update once they’re there… I know it’s going to be an amazing experience and that they’ll do some great work.

Okay, so we came back to Sherman on Sunday and had some thrown-together dinner, then Ryan went to bed. On Monday I went to a job interview at a lawyer’s office and felt just gross about it… I had to wait in his waiting room for 45 minutes and then he was a big creep when I finally had the interview. By the time he was asking me questions I knew that I didn’t want to work there anyway and it was tempting to answer every question with “Because I want to embezzle money from you.” I didn’t though… drat.

Tuesday morning, I sent an email to the production manager at the station to touch base, and he emailed back asking if I could come in that afternoon. I agreed, and when I went in he offered me the job of Promotions Director within a minute. Yay! I’m employed, doing something that I believe could be the start of a cool career… something in television, with some extra creativity thrown in, and the opportunity to learn some great skills… all with my own office and a title that sounds really cool. I started work today and I even wrote my first promo script, which my boss (the production manager) really liked, and I can tell that I’m going to love this job.

I’m having a huge sigh of relief… can’t wait to go to work in the morning. Phew!


3 responses to “slackerin’ and workin’ and everything in between

  1. I’m so happy for you that you have a job that you feel you will love and that it can be more than a job but a career.

  2. Congrats! This sounds much better than the contract job, and plus you might get to see Ryan more often!

  3. Sarah

    Glad to hear that you are doing well and have the new job going for you. CONGRATS.

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