back in business

Well… I haven’t posted in about two weeks now, but maybe I can get back to that. I’m just trying to make sure everything’s done at work first. Right now I’m waiting on an audio track to come in from one of our voiceover guys… I usually get it in about an hour, but I’ve been waiting for it since yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm. I’m a little frustrated because I want to do a good job on this spot, but when I have to wait for important elements, it ends up making me rushed in the end.

This is kind of a weird job because unlike working in news, I don’t really have deadlines imposed by anyone else. I just have to make sure that I give myself enough time to finish something so that I can run my spots in time to make them useful. On the other hand, one problem I’ve run into is that I don’t always get as much lead time from other people as I would like, and I think that may be because there hasn’t been anyone in this job for about 6 months, and telling me what’s going on isn’t always a high priority. But I do have a few irons in the fire now and some scripts in the works and some ideas germinating, so I feel like I am getting something done.

As far as life at home goes… things are good. We bought some lovely blue paint that we are going to use to paint the trim in the kitchen and hallway (I think). Ryan has already started a little bit. We’ve picked out some other colors for the living room as well, but it’s a huge room and we don’t want to get overwhelmed right away. (We’ll get overwhelmed later.) Ryan also installed two shelves in the den/office/laundry room for laundry supplies, so we don’t have to keep them in a laundry basket on top of the dryer anymore. Yay!

Janette was here for a little over a week, during which time she met up with some new “friends” in Dallas. One of her “friends” sent her flowers (roses!) on Valentine’s Day and then booked a massage for her on Friday, which she had off. She flew to New York yesterday for a little more than a week, and I’m excited to see some pictures. I’ve never been to New York and never really had a desire to go until now… now that Todd and Rachel are living there and Janette’s visiting (well, working, but whatever).

Ryan’s beer is making progress… next Tuesday, I think, he’ll be putting his bottled first batch (Waggy Tail Pale) into the fridge to lager (cold condition), since it’s been sitting on top of the pantry doing the secondary fermentation (carbonization) for about two weeks. We did try a couple of bottles last week with mixed results. The bottle we tried on Valentine’s Day was flat and sort of sweet (not good for pale ale), which meant that it hadn’t finished the carbonization process yet. Two days later, we tried a couple more bottles that had had a little more time out of the fridge. There were definitely more bubbles and it tasted more like beer and less like old juice. In fact, it was pretty good… but we could tell that it wasn’t quite there yet. We figure that by the time we put the rest in the cold, they’ll be done fermenting and ready for conditioning.

Meanwhile, on the counter, we have two batches at the moment… the second batch is another pale ale, but made with malt extract purchased from Homebrew Headquarters in Richardson instead of corn sugar (Mr. Beer Booster). I think Ryan may be bottling it this afternoon which is SO EXCITING… I can’t wait to see how that one turns out. It took a week longer to ferment than the first batch. The third batch is a new kind, an Irish stout made with oatmeal, hops, brown sugar and brown malt extract. Yummmm. I hope we can bottle it soon so that it will be ready in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

One of the interesting side effects of brewing beer at home has been that we have become recyclers, at least with bottles. We bought 30 used Grolsch bottles with the ceramic swing-tops at Homebrew HQ, and only had to replace the rubber gaskets on the tops. We’ve also been saving 16 oz plastic bottles – from Sprite, from Diet Dr Pepper, and from beer! We discovered that Bud Light comes in 16 oz plastic PET bottles, which we can sterilize and use with the PET caps that came with the Mr. Beer kit. With the soda bottles, we just sterilize and re-use the caps that come with the bottles.

Anyway, the weather is nice, beer is brewing, and life is good right now. Hope it’s the same for y’all!


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  1. Gee, I’m having the same great weather!

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