march madness

I could really care less about basketball, but the last few days of February and the first part of March, so far, has all been a whirlwind of activity.

Last week I trained on the traffic system (which has to do with commercial breaks, not cars, in case you were wondering why we need traffic out here in Grayson County), and spent way too much time at the end of the week filling the commercial logs and inputting promos into the server. I even came in on Saturday morning to finish up, because it was just too much to get done on Friday (7 logs!!). I got a PC in my office today, and when it’s hooked up I’ll be able to do promo fill from here instead of having to go upstairs to borrow a computer. Phew.

Friday night, Ryan and I met Mom and Dad at City Limits for a bite before we all (plus Janette) went to the Honey McGee Theatre to see the Theatricks (children’s theatre) production of “The Secret Garden.” It was a very nice production, and I thought the girl who played Mary Lennox did a great job. I did wonder how easy it was for some of the smaller kids in the audience to follow the story, as there were some dream sequences and an extra Mary to fill in some gaps during a couple of long scene changes with some sort of “incidental” vignettes. I thought that if I were little, it would have been kind of difficult to figure out what was going on. Maybe I’m not giving the kids enough credit, though.

Saturday, Ryan, Janette and I drove all over Southern Oklahoma to check out his billboard outside of Kingston, which was fun to see in person. Of course, half the fun is getting there and back, of course. We went to lunch in Denison before we drove into Oklahoma, and ate at a Mongolian BBQ place called Asian Grill Diner on Hwy 120, across from Walmart. It was an interesting concept… the main feature was the Mongolian BBQ, but there were also soups and a few prepared dishes, some (not great) sushi, and a few desserts. The interior was pretty neat, though… the outside made it look like it was going to be the same hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant decor that we see so much of, but it looked pretty modern inside. A little pricey for lunch on Saturday, but we were all stuffed and satisfied.

After lunch, we hit the road and passed all sorts of roadside attractions… antique malls, flea markets, concrete yard decor stores. We also went over the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge over one of the arms of Lake Texoma, which glittered in the afternoon sun. We had a good time listening to music and talking and seeing the sights. After we saw the billboard, we turned around to head back and stopped at a few of the roadside attractions on the way. We also got off the main road and went over the Denison Dam to see where the lake begins… it was pretty neat!

Back in Denison, we stopped on Main Street at a tasting room for a local winery and sampled MANY different varieties of wine… between the three of us, we left with five bottles of wine! There wasn’t really much that I didn’t like, and several kinds that were very good. Unfortunately, the girl who was running our tasting wasn’t the most knowledgeable person that ever talked wine, so when we asked questions she kind of gave us the sheepish “ummm… I’m not sure.” But the experience was fun, and Janette said she’d probably come back next weekend to pick up a couple more bottles.

We finally got back to Sherman and went grocery shopping… we hadn’t been on a good pantry-stocking trip in a while, so we spent more than we had expected. But at least we won’t have to worry about going to the store again for several weeks! We had a nice, low-key dinner at home and then some cheese and fruit. 2 bottles of wine consumed, also. 😉

Sunday morning I went to teach Sunday school, then picked up Ryan and Janette and went back to church. Spent another pretty low-key day at home, and went for a long walk in the evening. (Not my favorite thing to do, but we did.) Janette and I watched “Shut Up and Sing,” which we both really enjoyed. It was interesting to see how it’s not just Natalie that’s good and mouthy… it’s all three of them! But it was really great to see how they all stuck by one another during all of the hoopla and refused to back down from it.

I worked through lunch today, so I’ll probably leave early. I’m just toooooo tired to stay an extra hour. Looks like it’ll be another busy week!


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