green thumb

We’ve been starting seeds inside so that we can transport them outside when they’re nice and tall. And this morning when I was watering the seeds, I noticed that a few of them had become seedlings. The tomato seeds have sprouted! This morning they were just barely peeking above the surface but some of them had a busy day and are now about an inch tall.

I’m so excited! We grew cherry tomatoes in a pot on our patio when we lived in Joplin, and all summer we had delicious little tomatoes to enjoy in salads and pasta. But these babies are hopefully going to bear BIG tomatoes… the kind you can eat like an apple (if you want to, I guess).

We also have some seeds starting inside for bell peppers and cantaloupe, neither of which I have any experience with on a gardening level. In fact, I haven’t been much of a gardener for a long time. When I was little, we had a garden at home, and I remember having some tiny strawberries and peppers. I think we tried to grow corn, but it was pretty tough. Now that we have a back yard, I’m optimistic about having some tasty fresh vegetables this summer. We’ve got squash and zucchini and cucumber seeds too! But of course, most of what we’re hoping to grow is tomatoes… Ryan loves them any way he can eat them, and I love them on sandwiches or in pasta or with fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar… mmmm.

Last night we went for a walk around the neighborhood, which was all right. I gripe about it during the deed, but the truth is I feel proud when I come back, even though I shouldn’t be as tired as I usually am. Tonight we stayed home and played in the back yard together… we threw a baseball to each other, we played with the dogs, and Ryan led us in a few old playground games. Okay, it was a little like P.E. I told him I wanted to get a new soccer ball for us to kick around (and not for the dogs to eat… they can eat the ones they have deflated already) and a new frisbee (for Hailey to chase… but again, not to eat). I like “playing around” more than walking, because it allows us to enjoy our yard and talk about playing with our kids someday, instead of just looking around the neighborhood and me just wishing we were back at home and hoping that we don’t get chased down by one of the many loose dogs running around.

Well.. it’s time for me to wrap up and go to bed. It looks to be a busy week at work, and I’m even leaving early on Friday to do a youth group thing in the afternoon (it’s Spring Break for everyone but ME, I swear!). So… gotta pile those hours into the early part of the week!


One response to “green thumb

  1. Wishful thoughts

    The little seedlings are soooo cute! There is something so miraculous about a dried up little seed all of a sudden becoming a living growing entity. I know that your gardening adventures will be a huge success and I look forward to seeing some of the fruits of your labor.

    Glad to hear you were able to enjoy the wonderful spring Texas weather…I’ve been stuck inside for 10-12 hours at a stretch thus far but have managed to eat dinner outside on the veranda each night. I love spring!

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