rain, rain, go away

I think we are about to get massively rained on here. The radars all look ugly and I think we’re under a severe thunderstorm watch. It’ll probably start up right about when I’m getting ready to go home.

Today has been fairly productive; I created some ads for a local magazine, ordered a mess of T-shirts, cleared up a problem with a vendor about the mugs I ordered, and cleaned up my office (which was looking pretty shabby). I still have some things to do this afternoon but I needed a mental break. 5 hours of Photoshop is enough!

Just found out that our next-door neighbors have put their house up on the market. We went over there this past weekend for a little cookout and enjoyed ourselves (even though I ended up getting sick and having to leave… not their fault), but I think that they’re outgrowing their home. They have two little kiddos and I suspect they just want more space for them to grow into. I hope they don’t move too far away; they’re really nice folks and I know that Ryan really enjoyed their get-together on Friday.


One response to “rain, rain, go away

  1. Sorry to comment off topic, but I tried emailing your gmail account recently, and I’m not sure if you got the message or not. I’ll be coming to Sherman/Dallas the weekend of April 13th, and I was curious to see if maybe you, Ryan, Joseph, Heidi and I could all get together. I’ll be there the night of the 13th. Please email me or leave an off-topic note on my blog 😉

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