busy weekend!

Wow, what a weekend we had! Seems like we were busy the whole time…

I got off work early on Friday to spend some time with the youth group. We had a video game trial at church for everyone to bring their gaming systems and play on the big screen… once we were finally able to get the projector out. We had three of our regulars show up, and Ryan came as well, so we had a pretty decent group. I think it was a lot of fun, and all of the kids said they wanted to do it again.

After the gaming, Ryan and I went home so I could change and we could pick up the birthday cake we’d made for Marty (whose birthday was Friday). We met up with Mom, Dad and Marty at Cellarman’s for some munchies and beer, and later went over to City Limits for more munchies and beer (with the remaining cake in tow). We had a round of Chocolate Cake shots and a really good time.

On Saturday, Ryan and I went shopping. We went to Lowe’s to look at lawn mowers and backyard furniture. Well, we did look at lawn mowers, but decided that we would take up Meme on her offer to give us one that she has… we may just have a shaggy yard for a while. No big deal. We also saw the swing that we’ve wanted for a while, and decided to go ahead and get it… along with a patio umbrella and a picnic table. Unfortunately, the picnic table wouldn’t fit in Ryan’s vehicle, so we decided to wait.

Janette got into town Saturday afternoon around the same time that we got home, and we started putting together the swing. We had gotten the frame together and were about to start working on the seat when we realized that several pieces of the frame were badly bent. So we had to stop working (it was getting dark anyway) until we could exchange the pieces at Lowe’s. We washed up and went to Tokyo for sushi and had entirely too much… but it was all so, so good. Ryan ordered the Volcano roll and Janette got the Mt. Fuji… both were very interesting in different ways. Kinda pricey, but they were both big.

After dinner, we swung by Lowe’s before it closed and Ryan exchanged the pieces. Janette and I stayed in the car listening to The Range and heard a good version of “Traveling Soldier” that Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis did (I think!). After that, we all went to Albertson’s to pick up some beer and headed home. We stayed up sort of late but it was a pretty low-key St. Patrick’s Day… which was okay after Friday night.

Sunday morning I got up and went to teach Sunday School and had a couple of girls in my class who aren’t there very often, so I was really glad to see them. (One of them teaches the nursery age class, and she didn’t have any students yesterday.) We took a look at the new-to-us computer in our youth room and talked about some things we could do. Ryan and Janette got to church a little late and then I had a meeting afterwards with the Natural Church Development committee that I was tapped to serve on. I met Ryan and Janette at Buffalo Wild Wings after the meeting for a bite, but I have to say… I still like Wing Stop’s wings better. 🙂

After lunch, Janette and I went shopping and I picked up some pants and a skirt, and Ryan went off to get his hair cut and – as we later found out – got some help from Marty to get the picnic table from Lowe’s. We spent the afternoon sanding the table down, drilling a hole for the umbrella, and staining the wood. It looks really great, and Ryan is supposed to be sealing it this afternoon. Maybe by next weekend it will be ready for a little picnic!

Had a sort of communal dinner of baked Brie, pears, grapes, bread, olives, and a little Gruyere and Gouda while watching TV and relaxing. I’m so excited about how our back yard is shaping up these days!


2 responses to “busy weekend!

  1. Wishful thoughts

    All in all a wonderful weekend if I do say so myself!!

  2. You could always borrow our mower if you need to mow. 🙂

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