here it comes…

…a busy, busy week. Or two. Or so.

Actually, today isn’t too bad; I have to do logs, I have to ingest some promos, and I have to finish editing a spot. Whee!

But on Friday, I have to go out to Ardmore to set up our booth for the Expo… Saturday is the Expo itself… and next Tuesday is our Big Brother Open Call at the mall. (Bring your friends!)

We had a good weekend… we got out of town a little bit, which is always nice. Friday night we went down to Dallas; Ryan and I stopped at Homebrew Headquarters and picked up some stuff for some more recipes, as well as a case of bottles. We met Janette at Barnes & Noble and went to a great Indian restaurant (The Saffron House) for dinner. I had the chana masala, which was soooooooo good. And Janette got a naan sampler sort of thing with 3 different types of naan… including one with fresh garlic that was oh so good.

After dinner we met Jeff at Flying Saucer for drinks. I was a little disappointed with this FS… maybe it’s just because it wasn’t “ours.” But the beer garden was really small, and none of the hipsters looked like they wanted to share a table. Everyone seemed “dressed up.” (It’s a pub, people!) We finally got a table after lingering next to the bar for a good half-hour… a table right in front of the speaker for the band that was playing.

The band was good, though… they’re called Velvet Love Box and they’re an interesting cover band made up of three guys who played everything from the Rolling Stones to They Might Be Giants to Weezer to Rusted Root. Wow! The percussionist was amazing… he played almost everything with his hands, and instead of a traditional drumkit he had a melange of bongos, cymbals, one small snare drum, a bass drum, tambourine, and assorted percussion “toys” that he swapped in and out with amazing speed and skill. They even had a bubble machine! I tried to take a video to share but we were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKER (I yell because that’s what we had to do all night) and so it didn’t turn out at all. Apparently they are also the “house band” for the Dallas Stars. Now that’s a cool gig. (Cool, get it? Ahhh… never mind.)

Saturday morning we drove down to Garland to look at a ’78 Ford 100 Custom pickup that we saw on Craigslist, possibly to use as a work-slash-toolin’-around truck. The price was right, but there were no license plates (suspicious?) and the battery was dead. So… if we’d tried to drive it back to Sherman, we probably would have gotten pulled over and then had to ask the cop for a jump so we could continue our illegal odyssey. So we passed.

Went to Carrolton to see Janette’s office, and then to Addison for lunch at Jason’s Deli. We figured while we were “in town” (town meaning huge metroplex) we should go by and see Stuart’s station, so we drove from Addison all the way to Ft. Worth… no small jaunt, lemme tell you. The station was neat though; we got to see the two studios and two control rooms, the newsroom and offices, and even sat in on the PM editorial meeting. Made me miss producing for, oh four seconds. But I still love what I do here.

We got back to Sherman in time for Janette to be 15 minutes late for her hair appointment, and Ryan and I went to Albertson’s to pick up some stuff for a little cookout. We had the next-door neighbors and their two girls over. The food turned out great, we had root beer floats, and I got to play with the little two-year-old, who is SO CUTE. We got out the sidewalk chalk and let her scribble on the steps, and she identified all of the colors I pulled out. She took all of the chalk (52 pieces!!!) out of the box and lined it up so she could see what her options were. We managed to get it all back in the box by the end of the night, although we didn’t put it away exactly as it came in. It was a great way to christen our newly finished picnic table, which I’m glad we got sealed because it has been raining for two days now!

Sunday we did breakfast with the folks at IHOP, then Sunday School and church. We met up with my parents for dinner at Subway and sold some books to Hastings. Went home, had a beer, chilled out. It was a good weekend.

Well, time to get something done. I’m kind of hitting a wall with this spot I’m editing, which is why I’m procrastinating. I can’t figure out how to make it interesting and still make it follow the rules. BLEAH.


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