ho hum

Well, it’s the day of blahs…

Yesterday was Big Brother day, and we had a disappointing turnout of only 39 people during the whole 6-1/2 hour event. I guess I was expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 200, but what should I have expected on a Tuesday? We did have a few people from the Dallas area who came up to audition, as well as one guy from Houston who seems to be a professional reality show auditioner. He had a whole binder containing glossy photos of himself and copies of his applications from previous shows/seasons.

The main problem of the day was that people just weren’t prepared. For all of the promos I had running and all of the chat the anchors gave to it, most people from this market didn’t seem to know about it. (The folks from Dallas, I suppose, had gotten the information from the CBS website.) One guy managed to get an application from somewhere, and procured the rest of what he needed within the mall – he took a picture in the photo booth for his head shot, another picture with the Easter Bunny for his full-length shot, and the mall office to copy his IDs. Pretty resourceful (even though he did spend $15 to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny). Seems people will do anything for a chance to be on TV.

It was a very long day – I went to the mall at 9:30 to meet with the decorator who was putting up pipe and drape for me and didn’t leave the mall until close to 7pm. When I got back to the station, I got a crash course in running chyron, because… lucky me! I got to work the morning show today!

So I went to bed around 10pm last night, and woke up at 3-ish… enough time to get dressed and eat a bowl of cereal. To complicate matters, yesterday was election day in Oklahoma, so we had dozens of full screens that I had to pull over from the evening show. Everyone seemed to think it was a rocky show today, but I was too busy trying to concentrate on what the heck I was doing to notice. Blissfully unaware, you might say. I managed to make it through the hour and a half show with only a few major blips (like making the “current conditions” graphic disappear during the weathercast once, whoops) that were actually my fault.

This morning’s been pretty quiet… I did the odometer for Ryan’s story tomorrow morning, and fielded a call from a grouchy vendor who is doing some promotional items for us. We were supposed to have the products a week and a half ago (I ordered the stuff a MONTH and a half ago) but she hasn’t gotten her act together – I think she probably got started on the items this morning. I am getting very frustrated with her excuses, and I know that it’s a local business and we should be supporting local businesses. But on the other hand, I have now had two events with no decent giveaways because these local yokels are falling down on the job. It’s so frustrating… next time I will probably be shopping around for a major company who can get things done faster, local or not. One of the benefits of locally owned small businesses is supposed to be that you get more personal customer service… but I haven’t seen any of that, only a string of brick walls that I keep running into head first.

Okay, rant over. As soon as Ryan’s done with the noon I’m going home. I need a nap, yo.


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