trike and a tallboy

Last night, Ryan and I went to eat dinner with my parents and then for a walk at Fairview Park. On the way home, driving in the dark, we passed by two people – adults – one of whom was on what I can only describe as a large tricycle. They were almost in the middle of the road and it was kind of a “whoa look out – what the hell?!” kind of moment.

This morning, I was leaving the house to go to work and I saw probably the same dude on the trike, but this time it was light out and I could see that in one hand he held a Miller Genuine Draft tallboy. (I know it was an MGD because only the Champagne of Beers has that gold can that glints so prettily in the morning sun.)

Okay, glad we got that squared away. I’ve been kind of lax posting but… yeah, I have no excuse. At any rate, the seedlings have been transferred from their communal seed pots to individual containers so they can develop their own roots. Some of them I have propped up with toothpicks so they can grow a little straighter. They’re also in these mini-greenhouse things we got at Walmart (kinda like this) so I think that’s helping keep them warm and making them happy. Soon they’ll probably be big enough that I won’t be able to put the lids on without squashing them down, but by then they won’t need it. I like this greenhouse contraption… it’s basically like a really big takeout box with strips of miniature biodegradable seed pots inside. I think I’ll keep them for next year… after all, I did spend all of $6 on both of them.

I also re-used the pots that we started the tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupe in and started the cucumbers, squash and zucchini. And marigolds, yay! I am getting so excited about actually putting things outside… which means at some point I’m going to have to go out there and work, work, work. However, without working at all we have a lot of lovely roses on bushes and a ton of big pink peonies! This in addition to the irises and daffodils that have already done their thing. I am so loving our back yard!

Well… time to get something done, whatever that something is. Happy Wednesday!


One response to “trike and a tallboy

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to see them when I return 🙂

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