monday came late

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but it sure does feel like a Monday.

I woke up around 9am, just in time to be late for work. Discovered my cell phone (which I use as an alarm) under my pillow, which explains everything. Sort of. I ran around the house like a hyperactive crazy person putting on clothes, feeding the dogs, turning off lights, and forgetting my lunch. I am STARVING.

I arrived at work to discover the Mavericks had won last night, so I needed to get a promo on the air for game 6 tomorrow night. Decided to work ahead for once and get the spot for game 7 done, just in case, so I’m not surprised again.

Found out that the checking account I closed had been re-opened to deposit my check, since corporate screwed up and didn’t send it to Ryan’s account like they were supposed to. (Actually, I found out that it wasn’t so much that they screwed up, more that they just, y’know, didn’t do what they were supposed to AT ALL.) So I transferred funds and hopefully all will work out next time. I think I’ll leave the account open for now, just in case.

I had to do 6 logs today, which is normal for a Wednesday, but since it’s the beginning of the month there is not a lot of sales inventory and since I have been knee-deep in Mavericks crap I am low on promo inventory as well. So that took FOREVER, which is not normal and very irritating.

I’m putting together a DVD of spots right now for our GM to take to a meeting with corporate next week. I’m kind of nervous about it… eeek!

I hope the evening goes better. It’s just been a hell of a day and I am ready to crawl under my desk and hide from everyone.


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