Well well, haven’t I been a productive little girl today…

  • I filled tomorrow’s logs for all three stations
  • I got two sweeps promos in rotation
  • I tagged and dubbed MyNetwork promos for an entire week
  • I dubbed and labeled 10 CDs for the GM to take to a conference
  • I ran out to Subway and grabbed lunch for Ryan and me

Whew! And it’s not even 4pm yet.

This weekend was kind of exhausting. The 6 hour golf spectacular on Saturday ended up keeping me at work for closer to 9 hours. When I got home, my parents were over at our house for Cinco de Mayo, margaritas were being mixed and dinner was already being cooked. So I grabbed a glass and RELAXED. I was probably not very helpful about anything but I was kind of wiped out.

Sunday morning I had a good Sunday School class with the youth, and discovered one of the girls has pretty much decided on going to my alma mater, TLU. And majoring in communications (just like yours truly)! I was excited to hear it all, mostly because I know that she would really enjoy campus life at TLU, and she’s already really involved with her school newspaper. Good for her.

After church, Ryan and I went to see Spider-man 3 at the Cinemark, and I really enjoyed the movie. Not sure how he feels about it yet. It had some good intense action sequences and a few twists and turns. Of course, at times I kept thinking, “Man, is Peter Parker a jerk or what?!” I know it was the black Spidey suit, but still… typical dude for blaming his bad mood on something else. “Honest, honey, it was the intergalactic black snot that made me do it!”

This morning I caught an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard, aka Gwen Stacey in the Spider-man movie, on the Early Show. Turns out she’s Ron Howard’s daughter, and a natural redhead to boot! (Coulda fooled me, she looked great as a blonde!) It was also refreshing to see that she’s got a normal figure, and she was talking about being a new mom and her family and whatnot without a shade of celebrity snobbiness. She just seemed very down-to-earth and cool. I guess if Opie was your dad, you’d kind of turn out that way.

Today’s shaping up to be a pretty decent day. I keep thinking about a good tomato-y pasta for dinner, which Ryan never wants to have, but I may just make it anyway because it’s always so light and delicious. Mmmmm!


One response to “productive!

  1. Glad you like SM3. I’d give it a “B” and the 2nd one an “A”. If you want to hear some spider-geeks discuss it, head on over to my May podcast. We diss the dirt.

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