how i confused my audience

Over the past couple of months, I have gotten really addicted to “How I Met Your Mother.”
It’s a great show that explores new relationships, old relationships, shunning relationships, etc. But mostly it’s just really, really funny.

[spoilers ahead… if you haven’t seen last night’s episode, you need to STOP READING unless you just really want to know what happens.]

I’ve gotten all wrapped up in Ted and Robin’s relationship, and then last night’s episode came on and dropped all sorts of red herrings, in which we were all as confused as Barney throughout the entire night. And then, the bomb drops at Lily and Marshall’s wedding reception that they broke up!!

I do realize this is just a show and I need to get on with my life. But damn, that was the season finale and so now I’m wondering who the “mother” in the title is. Great twist to the story, if excruciatingly frustrating and tantalizing, and I will DEFINITELY be back to watch next season.

I expect that the episode will be posted on CBS Innertube sometime soon. Right now, last week’s episode is still up (still worth watching… Lily and Marshall’s wedding day… very sweet).

Meanwhile, what am I gonna do on Monday nights now that “How I Met Your Mother” has ended for the season? And “The Class” ended a while ago… and I’m not really expecting it to be back (sad!!). Please don’t make me watch “2 1/2 Men” forever!!


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