toothless wonder

Well, I have survived another trip to the dentist. I got to enjoy a lovely afternoon on my back at Dr. Smith’s office, while he and his assistant wrestled three teeth out of my mouth.

Actually, it wasn’t all bad. I mean it wasn’t good, but compared to the last tooth extraction experience I had, it was not bad at all. As Dr. Smith swabbed some numbing agent into my mouth, I asked (before I lost all control of my face) if they would give me the gas. So they promptly obliged.

So, I don’t know how long I was at the dentist’s office. I remember spending a little while with kind of a lonely floaty feeling between the time that they started the gas and the time that they came back in to start the procedure. I remember that I had my eyes closed the entire time, and that I was awake and aware of everything that was going on, but in a very detached and numb sort of way. I remember that, after several minutes on the gas, that when Dr. Smith was going to give me the novocaine shot, his assistant started tapping me on the shoulder to distract me. And I remember thinking, “She’s just trying to distract me,” and then thinking, “I might as well let it work.” And it did!

They played Alison Krauss while they worked, and Dr. Smith kind of sang along badly, and I do remember saying to him at one point, “If you ever see me at the store, don’t say hi, because you’ve seen me like this!” And then thinking: “Did I just say that?” Yep. I did.

I took the day off yesterday, picked up my prescription around 9:30 am. Vicoprofen, which I didn’t know existed. Today I’m just taking Motrin, because I didn’t want the “vico” part making me too loopy while I’m on the clock. But I still feel a little funky anyway for some reason, and there is kind of a dull ache in my jaw that doesn’t seem to be gone just yet.

All in all, it was a pretty smooth procedure but not one I’m anxious to go through again. I guess I won’t have to for a while!


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