Stitches, Survivor, Spurs, & Sparks

As you may or may not have heard, our dogs had to be taken to the vet on Monday evening to get stitched up.  We’re not sure what happened to them, but we have an inkling.  They’re doing better every day, and thanks to those of you who have kept them in your thoughts and prayers.  They’re taking their antibiotics and it seems to be helping, especially Hailey, who had to get a few stitches in her eyelid.  (Sorry, I know, it makes me squeamish just typing it.)

I’m working on a bunch of stuff at work right now, but I am most excited about the Survivor Open Call!  We will be at Midway Mall in Sherman on Saturday, June 30th from 10am to 4pm accepting applications and recording auditions at Center Court for the next season of Survivor, scheduled to film this fall at a secret location.  (That was WAY too many prepositional phrases.  Dang.)  I had fun at the last Open Call we did for Big Brother 8, and I hope this one will be even more successful.  If you’re in the area, and want to try out, come on by!

I should mention that the Anaheim (Mighty?) Ducks won the Stanley Cup last night over the Ottawa Senators, congratulations to them.  I would have watched more of the game but we were working in the den, again.

The den, by the way, is starting to shape up nicely but there is still quite a way to go.  Like tearing up the carpet, priming the floor for painting, finishing the painting on the walls, and getting furniture.  But, you know, we’re probably at the halfway point.  Last night we actually cleared almost everything out that isn’t paint-related.  (Sorry, Janette, the TV and a basket of stuff somehow made its way into your room.)  We picked up the big wad of tape in the middle of the room and now I feel a little better about things.  But I still had to fold laundry in the living room, which doesn’t agree with me.

The Spurs are facing off against the Cavs tonight in San Antonio, and it appears that I won’t be able to watch it because it’s on ABC.  And we don’t have an ABC affiliate here in Sherman.  We may be doing an emergency sign-up for the Distant Networks package on Dish, just so we can watch the Finals.  Or we might go to Hot Summer Nights downtown and then swing by Sonic for a free root beer float.  Yeah, that sounds good, too.

Ryan and I are starting Date Night this Saturday, which should be a lot of fun!  I’m really excited about it… I can’t wait for this week to be over!!


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