Norah Jones weekend!

Ryan and I are headed down to San Antonio for the weekend, puppy patients in tow, to see Norah Jones!  Of course, the dogs can’t go to the concert with us but since Janette is heading down to Corpus for the weekend, we’re taking the kids along for the ride.

Since I had to work the Madill Sandbass Festival last weekend, my boss is giving me tomorrow off, which means I can spend the morning packing the car and then we can leave as soon as Ryan is done with work.  Hurrah!  Tonight we have to pack our suitcase and do a quick once-over on the house, and then we can relax for a while.  I’d kinda like to go to Cellarman’s and watch all or part of the Spurs game (as they hopefully sweep the Cavs!), but Ryan still has to work tomorrow, so maybe we’ll just hang out at home.

Time to go get some spots dubbed in and finish up logs for Monday.  Have a great weekend, everybody!


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