Sarah Snow

Obituary for Sarah Snow

Sarah was the promotions director at KSN when Ryan and I worked there from 2002-2004, and for a much larger time frame than that. She and I worked closely together on promotions when I was the morning show producer, and she also filled in as a camera operator, audio operator, and who knows what else… she was always willing to pitch in to help the station out.

I was just thinking about her the other day, about how I’m doing what she was doing to some extent, probably in a similar way to how she did it. She was living in Orlando with her mother and her kids when she died on Thursday at age 46.

Reading her obituary, there was a lot about her life that I didn’t know. She had a very full life, working in promotions and production in TV, but also working as a performer in Branson and even more recently, before her illness, as a Fairy Godmother at Walt Disney World.

It’s so sad to know that she has passed away at such a young age, from an illness that apparently came on pretty quickly. She had a dream of being an entertainment director for a cruise line, and it’s sad that she didn’t get to realize that. But she did live life to the fullest and was always an enjoyable and fun person to be around. I know that she’ll be missed by many.


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