in lieu of actual entertainment…

“By the way, ladies and gentlemen, this stuff in lieu of actual entertainment.”

Okay, so I know I have been lame lately and have been just posting videos and whatnot instead of actually, you know, posting.  (Here and over at the other blog, Just Picture It.)  I know, I know.  So here is what you’ve missed…

Todd and Rachel got married!  We spent most of the first week of July down in San Antonio to celebrate with them and meet a good chunk of their families.  Ryan hit it off with Aunt Laurel, which was the source of recurring humor throughout the week (he gave her shout-outs in both of his speeches, too).  We had a great time catching up with old friends and gathering together for such a fun and special event.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast, right down to the cascarones that Jesse broke on my collarbones, sending confetti falling straight into my bra.  Hmmm… maybe that could have happened differently.

We got back last Sunday, worn out from all the excitement and glad to be back home.  It has been raining a whole lot lately and Monday morning was no exception… I went back to work and had to turn around and take several different routes due to street closings on my normal way to work.  My first thought was, “This is SO not worth it,” and I briefly debated turning around and just going home for a while… but I slogged through the water and made it in basically on time.  It’s a good thing, because this past week at work was very, very busy.  My boss was out of town and so I was fielding requests directly instead of through the usual channels, so it was a bit crazy.  I was very stressed out by Thursday and ended up ordering pizza for dinner that night, which rarely happens!  Friday was also busy but held the glimmer of hope for the weekend…

Friday evening saw us at Cellarman’s for our usual happy hour get-together with my parents and Marty.  Whew.  Mom made an ice-cream cake for my birthday and we had it along with our beer.  After Cellarman’s we went home to hang out with the folks a little bit longer, and taught my dad and Marty how to play Mario Party.  I think I may have oversold it to him… we played a 25-turn game so it just seemed interminable.  By the time we finished Ryan and Mom were dozing off in the living room and I think everyone was glad to get to bed.

Saturday morning, we slept in a little and Ryan gave me my birthday present… a Canon PowerShot S5 IS digital camera!  I’m excited about having my own camera so that I can snap some stuff from my perspective… not that Ryan doesn’t take beautiful pictures but sometimes I see things that I would like to take pictures of, and can’t.  The only problem has been that I have had trouble getting it hooked up to the computer to actually download the pictures… maybe we can get a card reader and not worry about it!

So Saturday afternoon we loaded up the dogs and drove to the old silos downtown to take some pictures… then headed to the Denison Dam to check out the lake going over the spillway, which was pretty impressive!  (I’ll post pictures when I get my camera talking to the computer in a civil manner!)  We went by PetSmart with the dogs to get some new collars and more dog food, and then headed home.  Had a nice dinner at home and then went to Braum’s for ice cream, and relaxed at home in the evening with some wine.

Sunday was my birthday, and we went to church and then to lunch at Huck’s Catfish in Denison.  (I do love me some catfish!)  We spent the afternoon puttering around the house, although I confess I wasn’t the most pleasant person because I wasn’t feeling very handy for some reason.  Capped off the night with a bubble bath and then watched Scott Baio is 45… and Single, the new “celebreality” show on VH1.  The premiere episode.  And now I am sucked in and want to watch the whole series. Good grief.

All in all, it was nice to have a low-key weekend where we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything unless we felt like it.  Seems those are getting more and more rare, and it will probably continue to be that way!  Ah well… off to get something done!


One response to “in lieu of actual entertainment…

  1. Happy Birthday, sorry I’m late with the birthday wishes. Glad to hear you had a cool B-day, and the new camera sounds sweet!

    So the Scott Baio thing is cool huh? Wendi and I are hook on the VH1 pop culture trivia show. It’s damn fun to play against each other.

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