crisis and confusion

We got some disconcerting news on Tuesday, which has thrown our family into crisis mode… everyone is physically fine, but things are just very up in the air right now.  I’m not going to go into specifics at this point.

Ryan, Janette and I went to Cellarman’s Tuesday night to have some beers and dinner and talk about things.  Last night, despite the fact that it is very expensive, we went to Blue Door Cafe for Indian food – their theme on Wednesday – and had some delicious curry and tried to forget our troubles for a while.  Maybe it worked, for a little bit.  But it’s a hard thing to forget.

We have been weighing our options and still haven’t come up with a concrete solution, but we think that we have some bearings on the direction that we will be taking together.  We may have more details later.

Just pray for us, pray that God will give us some direction and comfort. I don’t like this unsettled, funky feeling of not knowing what will happen next. I know that we will all be okay but it is just… weird right now.


One response to “crisis and confusion

  1. Whatever it is, I hope it ends well. Good luck.

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