back to work

Well, the kinks of last week have been ironed out, to a degree.  And at the risk of sounding like a misguided politico, the decision has been to “stay the course.”  I think in this case, that is a wise decision.

I am giving the sermon at church next Sunday, while our pastor is on vacation.  So if anyone has any insights on Luke 12:32-40, feel free to share.  Pastor Craig gave me some excerpts from theological texts that mostly confused me, but were sort of helpful in guiding me to focus on a direction.  I think I’m going to go more toward the “be prepared” angle, rather than the “don’t be afraid” or the “gift of the kingdom” angle.  At least, that’s how I feel today.  I have got to start working on that thing.

We had a good weekend, saw “Knocked Up” finally… at the dollar theater.  Every time we go to the dollar show, I forget how much I love seeing a movie for dirt cheap.  I am not the kind of person who cares about seeing a movie as soon as it comes out, but if there’s a movie I do want to see and it costs $1.50 to do it, why not?  I thought it was hilarious if a little mouthy, but it was cute.  I didn’t read into it as far as the “message” of the movie goes, as a lot of bloggers did when it came out.  (Is it pushing a conservative agenda?  Is it promoting the wanton baby-without-marriage message?  Who cares??)

Last night we all walked to a gas station on Lamar Street so Ryan could get a couple of gallons of gas for his lawn mower.  It was HOT.  I have tried, tried, tried to minimize my bitching when we are out for a walk but it is hard to do in August.  I don’t try to keep up when we are walking and every once in a while I would get a little behind, and then Ryan would turn around and look at me and wait for me to catch up.  Okay, that’s fine, but it only highlights the fact that I am slooooow.  I would just as soon be six blocks behind on my own walk, even if I get home half an hour later.  Whatever.  Janette and I are supposed to go for a walk tonight after Ryan goes to bed, so hopefully it will be a little cooler out.  I realize that 80 degrees may not seem cool to some people, but compared to the upper 90s, it’s downright balmy.

Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Rachel are coming into town next weekend, which we’re very excited about.  We went grocery shopping on Saturday and picked up a few items so we can cook out while they’re here.  Yay!  Mostly I’m excited to just get some low-key hanging-out time with them before they head back to New York later this month.   That’s one thing I have seriously missed… although even if we were in San Antonio still, we’d only get the summers to hang out with them.  Maybe after they graduate they’ll move to the Dallas area and be our North Texas neighbors.  And then we could all carpool back to SA for visits!

Enjoy your week, everybody… stay inside if it’s too hot.  Or walk after dark.


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