a saturday in paris

A bunch of winos

We had a great visit with Todd and Rachel this weekend!

They got in Friday evening and we hung out at the house briefly to have a couple of drinks before going out to Cellarman’s for dinner and a few more drinks. We played some shuffleboard but mostly just stayed late and then went back home to stay up later talking and hanging out in the back yard.

Saturday we woke up late-ish and went to Taco Cabana for brunch, then headed down Highway 82 to Paris Vineyards in Paris, Texas. We had a little bit of trouble finding the right road at first but finally got going in the right direction and had a pretty drive out to the vineyards. The owners, Larry & Denise, were great… we tried the four wines they have bottled (all great!) and then spent some time visiting with Larry about his winemaking process.

Mini Eiffel TowerAfter we left the winery, we drove around semi-aimlessly, looking for the replica Eiffel Tower in Paris with the cowboy hat on top. After a little deft Googling, Rachel pulled up the location and we headed in the right direction and found it. Much smaller than we thought, for some reason. But it was still about 70 feet tall and impressive in that funny sort of way. It was next door to the Civic Center, which itself was next door to a farm with big round hay bales out in the field. Sort of fitting. We took some pictures and looked at it up close before deciding that it was just too blazing hot to stand around for any longer.

We hit up a produce stand on the way out of town and then headed home to have a little cookout… steaks and squash and big thick steak fries and tomato-cucumber salad, along with a bottle of Tex Red from Paris Vineyards. We had a good time sitting outside, talking, and catching the occasional meteor flash by. After a while we came inside and checked out Rachel and Todd’s honeymoon pictures from Curacao, and eventually I had to go to bed.

I had to leave Sunday morning before Todd & Rachel did, so I peeked in and said goodbye before heading to church. I had been asked to deliver the sermon for Pastor Craig since he was on vacation, and I think I did okay. I was pretty nervous, though. I’m glad to have it over with. We went to lunch at Panera Bread with my parents and then wandered around Home Depot pricing water heaters – ours is starting to leak – and looking at kitchen appliances with my parents, who are looking at remodeling their kitchen that hasn’t been changed since they moved in nearly 30 years ago. After that, Ryan and Janette went back to the church to rehearse for a Reformation play that they’re participating in, and I went home to hang out with the dogs.

Janette and I went for a walk last night after dinner and added another mile and a half to our tally, and actually got through it pretty quickly. I’ve been walking in my flip-flops because my tennis shoes are so worn out that they make my feet hurt. I really need to go shopping for some good shoes for walking if I’m going to keep this up. Janette and I have been getting through the summer heat by daydreaming about walking in October and then getting slushes at Sonic afterwards. I tell myself it’s better than a shake, at least.


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