August sucks!

I know I have written about it before… but NO GOOD comes from August. Nothing good ever happens in August. I realize some friends and family were born during August. But if August were removed from the calendar, I would gladly celebrate their birthdays in July (where my birthday falls) or September (where we will celebrate Ryan’s birthday soon). August is the month of oppressive heat in Texas, school starting, and general unpleasantness. Search for the Slate article from a few years back about August and its suckiness, and you will see what I mean.

I’d better not get pregnant in December. If I had a kid in August I would just be pissed.


2 responses to “August sucks!

  1. Not to mention if yo had a baby in August you would spend the whole summer pregnant and that is no fun-just ask me!

  2. well, apparently i was conceived in december and born in september. so it could work, i promise!

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