Boy, oh boy, Ryan wants a baby

Anna Lee & DuncanI’ve been trading messages with my cousin Anna Lee on Facebook about motherhood and all that jazz.  And she and I are of the same mind that it’s only your own kids who are loveable.  I do love seeing babies and I think they are cute for the most part, but I have never really liked holding other people’s babies.  I don’t “ooh” and “ahh” and “can I hold them”.  I can probably say that I have held fewer than 5 babies in my lifetime, and each time was awkward and just made me feel like… get it off of me.  I have never changed a diaper, either.

I’m not a baby-hater, though, and I do want to have kids.  I just turned 27 this summer and so it’s probably not surprising that when I see families my uterus does a little jump.  🙂  I just want to have my own kids, you know… I don’t really get a thrill out of holding other people’s kids.   I know that when I’m a mom I will love my kids more than anything, and that I won’t mind changing their diapers.  I will learn all about it when the time comes, but to be honest… having to deal with other people’s kids’ poop is not appealing to me.  I have dogs, and when they have accidents or are sick or whatever I deal with the associated fluids.  I don’t mind giving them baths or cleaning up the carpet when unfortunate things happen.  But if it was someone else’s dog, I wouldn’t want to mess with it.  Same thing with kids.  Anna Lee told me she felt the same way; when Duncan was born she fell right into the motherhood thing but hadn’t really been all goofy about babies.

So while Ryan is all giddy about having kids… well, I am too.  But I’m giddy about our kids, not someone else’s.  🙂


One response to “Boy, oh boy, Ryan wants a baby

  1. Sarah, I felt the same way. I have never been all that excited about holding other babies like some of the ladies at church. I don’t mind holding them but I am not one to grab a baby every chance I get to hold one. Yours and Ryan’s will probably be different – afterall they would be my grandchildren – all in good time 🙂

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