Date night and an update

In the stands

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Ryan and I had a great Saturday… we spent the morning cleaning the house, had lunch at home, and then went to visit Dad in the hospital. In the evening, we drove down to Arlington for a Rangers game. We went to Sherlock’s Pub, which has a “Bus to the Ballpark” to shuttle fans back and forth. Smart move, as it encourages fans to come and spend money at the shopping center like we did. We had burgers and beers and watched a little bit of the ill-fated Cowboys-Texans game before riding the bus to the game.

We had pretty good seats just inside the 3rd base foul line. There were some obnoxious fans in our section, but we did enjoy some overpriced Coors Light (with souvenir cups… much cheaper than a hat!) and saw a home run hit into our section. Actually, if we’d been sitting in our actual seats, we might have had a shot at catching it. But it was cool anyway. We left the game early to go back to Sherman, but the Rangers did win 5-3.

Back in Sherman, we picked Mom up and went to Cellarman’s for a late-late night margarita. We ran into a guy from work and transferred our table to him when we left.

Yesterday I woke up feeling really tired, and felt that way for most of the day. We did a lot of running around… lunch from Taco Cabana, rehearsal for the Reformation drama (comedy, who are we kidding) at church, and shopping around for new cell phones and possibly new service when our contract is up. We had a pretty low-key evening at home, watched “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on NBC (instead of MSNBC, which we don’t get… sniff) and had dinner.

Dad is still in the hospital; he met with a surgeon yesterday and is supposed to have a colonoscopy today. I talked to him on the phone last night and he thinks he might have surgery on Wednesday to remove his colon. It would definitely be a life-changing operation for him. I hope everything goes okay.


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