Update on my dad

Thanks to those of you who have asked… here’s the latest:

Dad had a colonoscopy on Tuesday to assess the state of things.  The pictures were pretty ugly.  They took some biopsies to send to pathology.  I don’t know what the results were on that, but they are proceeding with surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30am and will almost certainly be removing the entire colon (ileostomy unless there is something worth salvaging, in which case it would be a colectomy).

I went up to see him last night and he has been in decent spirits for most of the week, but they have taken him off of his immunosuppressants, which has allowed his Crohn’s to flare up again, and started him on antibiotics in preparation for the surgery, which is making him nauseous.  He has still been on a liquid nutrient mix through a central line and hasn’t been eating much.  Even so, he is ready to have the surgery done so that he can start to heal and get on with his life.

He probably won’t be able to go back to his old job because of the physical demands of it, and he will have to take it pretty easy for 3-4 months.  Things are kind of up in the air right now, so all prayers/good wishes/positive vibes are appreciated.


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