RIP Saturn

photo_092007_001.jpgSorry for the lack of posting lately… but things have been rough.  Ryan was in a car accident yesterday and I am pretty sure that the Saturn won’t be joining us for any more road trips.  😦  Ryan is okay for the most part but a little banged up; we went to the doctor’s office yesterday and the doctor said he is all right, but will probably be pretty sore.

From what Ryan tells me, here’s how it went down: he was driving home from work on Texoma Parkway, which he never takes home, but his usual route has had some construction lately.  He stopped suddenly to avoid hitting a truck in front of him that had also stopped suddenly (it turned out later that the truck had been in a wreck just before) and did stop in time.  But there was a large pickup behind him towing a trailer that couldn’t stop in time, slamming into Ryan and shoving the Saturn into the truck on front of him.  So he got sandwiched between both cars.

Many sucky things about this situation… Ryan getting hurt, the Saturn being trashed… the fact that he had just gotten the registration renewed on it… and had taken it a couple of days ago for a car wash and vacuum.  So much for that, other than the fact that it looks so shiny in all of the pictures…

So I guess we’ll be looking for a new car soon, and in the meantime we get to deal with all of the insurance aftermath.  Ick.


2 responses to “RIP Saturn

  1. Holy Crap! The car looks totally banged up. I am glad to hear Ryan is doing ok. Good Luck with the insurance. Thinking of you guys!

  2. Sure glad Ryan wasn’t hurt worse! The car looks painful. love, mom

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