looking up from here

In the aftermath of Ryan’s accident last Thursday, thing seem to be getting better. Stress levels are decreasing, optimism is increasing. The insurance has not been a mess. In fact, they’ve been great. Ryan has had to make some calls but for the most part everyone has been very cooperative. We are driving down to San Antonio this weekend on a planned trip to visit Ryan’s folks, but we will probably be looking at a car while we’re down there. Ryan got a call from the dealer group that we bought the late Saturn from, and they have a car that’s a little older than his but with much fewer miles. They say it was owned by an elderly couple who just drove it to the store, and now they want something bigger so they can travel around. (Aw! I want to be that couple!)

It’s been a weird experience, as neither of us has ever had a wreck that caused us to have to replace a vehicle. It’s kind of surreal… perhaps part of that was getting up early to take Ryan to work. It was no big deal, but it was kind of weird seeing what it would be like to be a one-car family. I don’t know if we could keep it up for long… it is an advantage that we work at the same place, but it’s hard having such different schedules.  It’ll just be a little experiment for a couple of days, I guess.  We’ve had some good discussions come from the wreck, too… I won’t go into it here, but I think it’s been an experience that’s helping us to grow and learn about what it means to be married and committed and supportive.

On a lighter note, we went down to Addison on Friday/Saturday to visit Janette, who was in town briefly before heading up to Montreal/New England for an audit trip.  We had a good time Friday night hanging out, having a few beers, eating dinner.  Saturday we looked at some cars in the morning, then spent the afternoon at the Addison Oktoberfest (even though it’s September) and had some great brats and Paulaner beer.  We even sat in on a tasting/history lesson about Oktoberfest in Munich, which was interesting (and delicious).  I got a little sunburned and we were all wiped out from the fun and sun, so we took a nap at the hotel before bidding Janette goodbye and heading back to Sherman.

“How I Met Your Mother” started its 3rd season last night, which was a nice little break for us.  We’re both fans of the show and I have been waiting all summer for Barney to finish the word he started in the season 2 finale (“Legen….. *insert entire summer here* ….dary!”).  It was worth it, and of course we are hooked on the new promise of finding out WHO this mother is.  We also watched the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” and the series premiere of “The Big Bang Theory,” which was quite funny even though I had seen most of the pilot in network presentations.  But I think if they can flesh out the characters a little more and give them some more interesting situations than just being in the apartment being awkward, it’ll be a great show.


2 responses to “looking up from here

  1. Hi! I stopped by in case someone needed support after an accident, and it sounds like you are doing fine already. I was happy because it sounds like nobody got hurt. Also of lesser importance, I’m happy you’ve found things good on TV; I’ve kind of given up except for PBS. Thanks for your optimism. Good Luck!

  2. Glad Ryan was ok after that wreck, it looks awful.


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