back to normal

field1.jpgI’m so glad to be home. We had a good weekend, but it’s always nice to come home!

We were in San Antonio this weekend… it was originally supposed to just be for a visit with no agenda, but we decided to make it a car-buying trip also. We did find Ryan a used-but-almost-perfect VUE that has definitely filled the hole in our transportation needs. We went to pick it up on Saturday and then went to have lunch with one of Ryan’s friends from his old job, which was nice.

The afternoon was kind of weird… we went to a funeral for a friend of Ryan’s family from church. I had met the man a couple of times but didn’t know him very well. Still, it was interesting to hear the memories of those who knew him and the people whose lives he touched. When we came out of the funeral, the sky over the field across the road from the church looked so beautiful, I had to stop and take a picture. We went to the grocery store with Ryan’s mom and then came home and had some barbecue, and pretty much sat and relaxed for the rest of the evening. We had a good time talking and stayed up pretty late.

The drive back wasn’t as long as the drive down… we did get stuck in some traffic in Dallas, but that was about it. We walked in the house and it was just kind of a relief to be home, to smell the pumpkin candles and let the dogs in the back yard without having to walk them on leashes. We did some grocery shopping and came home to have French bread pizza and watched a little TV. I’m looking forward to everything getting back to normal!


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