mmmm, diets are delicious!

Okay… totally sounding like I am drinking the Kool-aid here… but Weight Watchers seems to be going really well. I have my first meeting tomorrow and I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’ve been keeping track of points on a program on my Treo and haven’t gone over yet. I planned a menu for the next 2 weeks. We even went out to eat this weekend and it was fine!

I think the best part is that I am able to splurge without feeling any regret. (Not guilt… I never feel guilty about food.) But I have been able to eat dessert and even took an afternoon break for a Frappuccino this afternoon. And I’m still coming in well under my points for the day. I haven’t even touched my weekly points allowance, either.

Anyway… I’m sure I sound like a commercial. Now it only remains to be seen whether I actually lose weight. Either way, I’m doing my part, so I’m not complaining.


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