Weekend update

It’s been busy, but we had a good weekend. Janette returned to Texas on Thursday and we drove down to Addison to pick her up. We went to dinner at Pei Wei (first time we had been there since we left San Antonio) and then had a treat from Cold Stone when we got back to town.

Friday we met Mom, Dad and Marty at Cellarman’s and had dinner and drinks. I tried a different kind of pizza – the Hawaii Five-O – which was okay, but I still really like the Margarita Chicken pizza they have there. The folks came over to our house afterwards to sample some homebrew and pumpkin bread, so we had a pretty late night.

Janette and I got up Saturday morning and walked around Fairview Park, then grabbed some lattes at Starbucks and headed home. We had our final rehearsal for the Reformation play in the afternoon and then went home to relax… naps, reading, etc. The three of us went to Tokyo for sushi, which is becoming one of our favorite low-point meals out at a restaurant. Fun bunch that we are, we went to Kroger for groceries (on a Saturday night, yes) which took entirely too long… but we did have plenty of time to relax at home.

Today we all got up and had a leisurely breakfast at home, which was nice. I went to Sunday school (I was one of the leaders for the kids today) and then had a quick choir run-thru before worship. Heard “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” many, many times today… but it was cool. We had a great lunch of bratwurst and German potato salad before we did the Reformation play. It was a little rough at times, but we all had fun with it. I think we’re all glad it’s over, though!

This afternoon I took a long nap and then Janette and I went to Target so I could find something to organize toiletries in the bathroom. Ryan has been on a bit of an organizing spree… it’s not too bad but I tend to be pretty content in my disorganization. It doesn’t always go over well. 😉 I did get my drawer in the bathroom cleaned out and somewhat organized… now I just need to remember what I did with everything!


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