a long way to go for a meal

Seems like this weekend was all about the food.  Traveling for it, planning for it, being seduced by it, falling prey to it.  But for the most part I felt pretty in control.

Friday night Ryan, Janette and I met up at City Limits with the cast members of the little Reformation drama/comedy/tragedy we did at church a couple of weeks ago.  We had dinner and conversation and it was a pretty mellow Friday night for us.  But after last week’s sweeps stress it was fine with me!  We went home and went to bed relatively early.

On Saturday, I woke up around 8:30 and went to visit Jake.  He wasn’t as upbeat as he was last week, but all things considered he seems to be handling his situation well.  I hope that it’s all over soon.  I came home and Ryan and I piled into the car to drive all the way down to Ft. Worth to have lunch with two of his former teachers from San Antonio.  They are married and retired and she wrote a book that sounds pretty interesting.  We had a long lunch at an Indian restaurant and I avoided all the fried stuff that I love (sorry, samosas) and stuck to one plate of salad and one plate of assorted goodies.  We adjourned to a nearby Starbucks (that ended up being in an Albertson’s grocery store… hey, Google Maps doesn’t specify!) for coffee and talked for quite a while longer.  It was all interesting conversation but I’m not used to having such long talks with strangers!

By the time we wrapped up with them, it was about 4:30 and Ryan wanted to get some Christmas shopping done.  We ended up going to Grapevine Mills Mall, but not before stopping to get some cash in Grapevine itself and discovering that it has quite the cute little Main Street.  We walked around a little bit and stopped to sample some wine at a tasting room, and then headed off to the mall.  I picked up a couple of presents myself.

We were pretty hungry by the time we’d wrapped up at the mall and decided to swing into McKinney to have dinner at a tapas bar I’d found on the Internet a couple of months ago.  We called up Janette, who had been having lunch and visiting with a friend in Dallas for most of the day, and she agreed to meet us in McKinney.  We had a little time to kill before our dinner reservation, but managed to wander into McKinney on the night of their second Saturday festivities.  We’d heard a little bit about it from the owner of a local winery at recent wine event, but it was really neat!  Landon Winery extends their property line into the street and they set up tables and chairs and have live music while you sit and sip.  Ryan had a glass of their raspberry wine and I had a 3-wine tasting of their sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and chocolate port.  All three were excellent!  The sauvignon blanc wasn’t too dry, and had a little bit of spritz to it that was nice.  The pinot noir was totally smooth, not too sweet and had a lot of great fruit flavor.  And the chocolate port was just completely amazing… I don’t know how else to describe it.

Janette joined us out in the middle of Kentucky street for a few minutes and then we headed over to Cafe Malaga, the tapas bar.  We had a cool waiter and there was some live music playing, and the food was incredible.  We shared all kinds of little dishes – a cheese plate with some Texas chevre and Spanish manchego, several kinds of marinated olives, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, bacon-wrapped dates, chicken and lamb kebabs, and smoked salmon crostini.  We also had a bottle of Spanish wine and ended the meal with some crema catalana – sort of a lemony creme brulee.  The bill was a little shocking but we decided that it was worth it for the experience.  We had a blast!

After dinner we headed back over to Landon and picked up bottles of our favorite wines – the raspberry red, pinot noir and chocolate port.  We ended up joining their wine club as well, and we’re looking forward to going back down to McKinney sometime soon for another evening out.  Who knew there was so much, so close?

Yesterday was a long day – church was good, we had lunch at Taco Cabana, and then we spent a long time at the station so Ryan and Janette could get some work done.  We ended up going out to dinner at Applebee’s, which has a delightful Weight Watchers menu.  I had the lime grilled tilapia or something like that… very tasty!  But I was glad to get home and relax.  Tonight is our CBS comedy night – How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory!  It will be nice to chill out at home…

So… will all of our tasty choices hit me at the scale tomorrow night?  To find out… you’ll have to check out my Weight Watchers page on Wednesday!  (Sorry… we’re in the middle of sweeps!!)


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