“the meal has to be perfect”

This Wal-mart commercial pisses me off. It’s the one about a family getting together for Thanksgiving, and how it’s one of the few times they can get everyone together. And then the woman voicing the spot says, “The meal HAS to be perfect.”

No, no it doesn’t.

I love to cook, especially at Thanksgiving, especially for my family. But I have no illusions that everything will be perfect! In fact, one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories was the first Thanksgiving after college. Ryan and I were living in Joplin in our first apartment, and we had met Janette about 5 months earlier. She came over to share the holiday with us.

Well, I made some completely terrible dressing. I decided to go homemade and it was a big, big mistake! It was dry, flavorless, and just disgusting in general. Ryan proclaimed that it was awful. It didn’t hurt my feelings because it was TRUE.

Poor Janette was trying so hard to be polite that she ate her whole helping. To this day, we ask her “why? Why did you eat that awful dressing??”

The meal wasn’t perfect… but it gave us a great Thanksgiving memory. And that is worth more to me!


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