Happy New Year!

The holidays are over! I’m actually pretty relieved to be free of the temptation of food and laziness. Now, hopefully, I can concentrate on working hard on my weight loss and getting to a healthy weight.

New Year’s Eve - Mike, Ryan, Janette & me

We did have a great holiday season, with a visit to San Antonio the weekend before Christmas, spending Christmas Day with my parents at our house, and a year-end visit from Mike. Janette, Ryan, Mike and I went out for New Year’s Eve (pictured) and had a great time. We went to Downtown McKinney and had dinner at Cafe Malaga, a tapas bar we discovered this fall. We followed dinner with a visit to one of our favorite wineries, Landon Winery, and had lots of wine and great conversation. We came home before midnight to ring in 2008 at home, with champagne and chocolate fondue.

Yesterday was kind of a letdown after all the fun we had. We woke up late and piled into the car to take Mike back to DFW. We did stop at Pei Wei for lunch on the way, and then drove on to DFW. We dropped Mike off at the curb, which seemed pretty anticlimactic. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening cleaning the house, taking down the Christmas tree and all of the decorations, and eating leftovers for dinner. We did treat ourselves to some Chocolate Finale port from Landon in the evening to give ourselves a little pick-me-up after the drag of a day we’d had.

Today is a little better… I’m back at work, getting some stuff done, and realigning my healthy mindset. No more cookies and candy to contend with, no more trips, no more visits, no more speedbumps. On the other hand, it also kind of feels like there’s nothing to look forward to. I guess we’ll have to create our own excitement instead of letting the calendar do it for us.


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