Life in motion

Janette moved to her own apartment in Dallas this weekend. We helped move the bulk of her belongings on Saturday – books, clothes, furniture – and she took almost all of the rest of it this afternoon. Her new apartment is about 2 minutes from her office, so I think it will make life much easier for her. And driving down there yesterday, we realized that it’s really not that much farther than we’re used to driving for dinner in Dallas, so it’s not a big deal. It’s certainly closer than the airport.

This afternoon after Ryan got home, we sat in Janette’s empty room and talked about the future and what we would do with it. Ryan, of course, thought a crib would be perfect in there. We talked about how if we had two kids, we’d need a bunk bed because if the room’s size. Of course, we’re not expecting anytime soon so I suggested a sewing room. (I’d really like to work on my sewing skills.)

But tonight, before Ryan went to sleep, we were talking about when we really want to start trying to have kids. I told him that after I lose 20% of my starting body weight, I would feel comfortable talking to a doctor to find out if I am physically ready. I would be 40% of the way to goal… no small thing. We’ll see how things go, but it’s exciting just to think about for now.


One response to “Life in motion

  1. Exciting – I wish you both the very best as you think about and start planning for that next big step in your lives.

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