Bending over backwards

A cold front came through today while I was at work. I didn’t bring a coat with me because it was balmy when I left the house, and didn’t think it would get that cold. Well, I had to break out the sweatshirt again. Texas weather… just wait and it will change.

Despite that, I got home and Ryan and I changed and went to the gym. We got there just in time for me to follow everyone into the classroom for yoga… I was afraid I was going to be late. I was all set for a nice class of some good stretching and quiet thoughts, but the teacher had just finished teaching the body blast barbell class. She was one of those, well, workout instructors. Skinny, in those form-fitting pants I hate. But I do have to say, she had some mighty arms!

The class was okay, I guess. The instructor uses modern pop music and so I felt a little distracted. I was listening to to the words in the songs instead of focusing on my breathing, so I didn’t feel like I got as much out of the class as in past classes. She seemed like an aerobics instructor who drew yoga when they were assigning classes… it seemed kind of disjointed and weird. Most classes I’ve been to do some floor work, some standing poses, a few balance poses, some inversions, more floor work and then the big cooldown. This one was just a big mish-mash and the cooldown seemed very rushed. I would have stayed an extra 15 minutes for a better finish.

Man, I’m really picky about this, I guess. I think I’ll have to seek out one of the other instructors, whose class I took a few months ago on a Saturday morning (pre-Weight Watchers). It totally kicked my butt… 90 minutes of intense practice… but I felt really good after getting through it. And the teacher wasn’t one of these skinny-minnies… she was a curvy gal who really knew her stuff. I liked that.

At any rate, I had a good weigh-in today and I feel good about going to the gym today. It was the first time I’d been since before Christmas, so hopefully I can keep it up!


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