choose your own adventure

Man, oh man. I am having a super-charged hormonal day today. I’m craving chocolate, and I want to do nothing more than eat my way through a pan of brownies that, theoretically, could exist after a little work and 30-40 minutes in the oven. I am choosing to ignore the fact that there is a brownie mix in the pantry right now.

I did give in a little bit… I had a glass of chocolate milk. It’s not quite the same, but it sort of scratched the itch. I have some chocolate bath bombs in the bathroom and I think I might indulge my outsides instead of my insides in a little while.

This weekend was good… Friday night after I got home from work, we went to the gym where I did an interval workout and then went to City Limits for dinner with my parents and Marty. Marty gave us a calendar called “The Unexpected Pit Bull,” which was full of pictures of pitties with kids, babies, their owners, and just generally in various states of cuteness. She said she had ordered it for us for Christmas but it had taken a while to ship. We really like it!! After dinner, we went home and cleaned house. Yes, that’s how we roll on Friday nights.

Saturday Ryan got up early to spend some time with his Little Brother, and I slept in for a while. In the afternoon, we went to a pit bull outreach event at Waterloo Park in Denison with Barker and Hailey. It was a little unnerving at first, because Barker was doing what he does around groups of dogs – barks, and LOUD. Hailey was nervous because Barker was nervous, and so we spent much of the afternoon separate from the group with our dogs. But it was really relaxing to wander around the park a little bit, sit on the hill and talk. The afternoon got a little warmer and the sun came out, and we just kind of watched the ducks fly over the lake and listened to the fountain do its thing. Near the end of the event, we rejoined the group slowly and sat and talked for a while with two girls and their dogs, and Barker finally got a grip.

We had grand plans to go down to McKinney Saturday night for some wine, but we were overtaken by sleepiness and decided to have a grand nap instead. We woke up and had some leftovers for dinner, and decided to go ahead and hit the road for McKinney. But once we got on the road, we found that there was a thick fog over the whole area. So we turned around and went to a gas station, picked up 2 Hershey bars, a Lotto Texas ticket, and got some gas in the car. Then we headed home and cracked open a bottle of Dry Comal Creek Comal Red, had our chocolate, and watched Seinfeld reruns on the DVR. Not a bad night, really.

I got a call from a few of the girls on the Weight Watchers message board that I frequent during the week. They were in New Orleans for a get-together, which I had been invited to (even though I have only been hitting the boards since October), and I got to talk to them for the first time. It was fun… they were at a bar on Bourbon Street whooping it up, and I felt like part of the group for a few minutes. There may be another get-together in Texas this summer, which some of the boardies north of the Mason-Dixon line think is insane, but I tried to assure them that we all have AC here!

This morning we got up and went to breakfast with my parents and then went to Sunday School. We don’t do that very often, but the class this morning was kind of a comparative study of different world religions, and it was pretty interesting. Mom made more cinnamon rolls to celebrate Haley’s birthday, and I had one. After church, they had birthday cake for Haley and the pastor’s daughter, which I would have found irresistible had Ryan not given me a little tough love. He’s right, I want the 10% more than I want the cake, but at the time I really wanted the cake.

We spent some time at the station getting his entries together for the NPPA contest, and then came home after some debate over going out to lunch. We ended up, again, having leftovers for lunch and then took a nap. I made apricot chicken with roasted asparagus and mashed Cheddar cheese potatoes for dinner, which was pretty good, and we kind of bummed around this evening and caught Wednesday’s American Idol on the DVR, a few days late.

Okay, the chocolate is still calling my name… this time from the bathroom. Time to relax in a chocolate bath and try to put this craving to bed.


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