A new leaf

I know I haven’t written in about a month, and I’d like to change that, but let’s just say that this past month was sweeps, and it was busy and stressful, and we’ll leave it at that.

We had our first work party this weekend to celebrate the end of sweeps. We invited over some folks from news and production, and I have to say that I really enjoyed talking to everyone. I haven’t ever spent any time with work people outside of work here, and it was great to learn a few new things about my co-workers. Since I’m pretty low-key, especially when it comes to large groups, it was sort of ideal to bounce between a few people at a time and really get to talk to just a person or two at a time… it wasn’t quite so overwhelming. I’m hoping that we can get together with some people again soon… I really enjoyed it!

Yesterday we slept in really late, after staying up so late on Friday night. We got up and paid some bills, which is always an eyeopener, but it also opened up some conversation about the future and our near- and long-term goals. We talked about some of our travel plans, and it also got me to thinking about what we are hoping to accomplish on the family front in the next few years. It really served to remind me of the big reason that I have been doing Weight Watchers – to become healthy and be a great mom – and it’s nice to be reminded so that I can formulate my goals in my mind.

In the evening we took some family pictures, and some of them turned out really well!

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This morning we slept in a little bit and had breakfast at home before church. Janette met up with us at church – she actually drove in right after us – and after church we went to the new Olive Garden here in Sherman for lunch. We talked about how they’re all the same and yet… we went anyway. It’s still a little busy – the newness hasn’t worn off yet and probably won’t for a while. After lunch we came home, popped open a bottle of wine (Landon Winery Claret) and sat on the swing in the back yard, watching the birds fly around the neighborhood and discussing what sparrows might talk about at a Sparrow HOA meeting (approved twine colors for nesting, car-pooping quotas, etc.). The temperature started to drop and the wind picked up, so we went inside and finished the bottle.

The rest of the day has been pretty low-key… I made salmon for dinner, and we relaxed in the den for a while before Ryan called it a night. I’ve just been reading blogs and fiddling on the computer, and figured it was high time I got back to writing in my blog! I’ll try to be more regular about it… but as always, I make no guarantees!


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