A dog’s dilemma

Barker, on a sunnier dayBarker has had a rough day. It started raining last night and while we were up with the dogs yesterday, we were able to distract him and play with him and bribe him with treats so he wouldn’t be scared of the thunder and the other sounds that he kept hearing outside. But I don’t think he slept very well last night.

This morning, it was still raining – quite hard, actually. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is let the dogs out to do what nature intended… you know, look at birds, pee in the flowerbeds, chase squirrels, and do donuts in the muddy spot behind the shed (apparently). However, both of the dogs detest rain and don’t like to get wet (despite their penchant for frolicking in the mud and rolling in the grass). The pet experts say that the dogs don’t have the Weather Channel, so they have to see for themselves. So this morning I opened the back door and the dogs didn’t even have to stick their nose outside. They both turned around and marched off to the front bedroom for their breakfast, vowing to hold it until sunnier conditions prevailed.

I fed them and tried to get them to go again before I left, but it was nothing doing. They didn’t go when Ryan got home from work, either. By the time I got home from work tonight it had been probably 20 hours since they had gone outside, so I put them on leash and dragged them out into the mucky backyard. It was still raining. Hailey complied, but Barker refused to even get off of the concrete (as did I).

The rain lightened up a little later, so Ryan let Barker out and he FINALLY agreed to stop his backyard boycott. But the rain has definitely affected his mood. He was really grouchy tonight, and spent most of the evening sulking and laying down in the den.

Hopefully he’ll finally get a little rest tonight. And hopefully, it will stop raining.

I saw a beautiful little video tonight called “Dog Years.” It’s a short film – only about 3-1/2 minutes – but I think it perfectly captures the frustration, elation, and unconditional love of both dog and owner. Grab a tissue.


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