Weekend wind-up

This past weekend was really busy! Saturday, especially, was a long day. I got up at 6am so that I could load up the station car and drive to Ardmore to set up our booth for the Business Expo. I managed to get two really kickin’ bruises on my right forearm after an unfortunate incident involving a cardboard box I was trying to hold up out of the puddles on the ground and the edge of the back hatch of the car. It’s gone from red to purple to green to yellow since then, and it’s only Tuesday. Ick.

I got home from Ardmore around 1pm, and took a nap. It was only going to be a half-hour nap, but it stretched until closer to 3pm. I woke up and went grocery shopping and then rushed home to go with Ryan to an event he was involved with. I don’t know if he wants me to go into it here – I would guess not – but let’s just say he was SUPER in his role.

After the event, I went home to bake a cake for my parents (we were celebrating the next day) and then out to City Limits to hang out with my parents and Marty for a while. Mom was having her birthday shot and we just sat around talking for a while.

Sunday morning I got up to teach Sunday School, then had church, then counted offering (for the last time for a while!) and then rushed home again. I scarfed a sandwich and then we went to pick up my parents, and drove out to Princeton, TX to the Collin Oaks Winery. We had cake and a lot – a LOT – of wine, and a really great time, and probably would have stayed even longer if it hadn’t started raining on us. We had dinner at Olive Garden and finally got back to Sherman around 9pm, just in time for Ryan to fall into bed.

Last night, it was nice to just have a quiet dinner at home and watch our Monday night comedies. We’re gearing up for our trip to New York now… tomorrow night we’ll be driving down to Janette’s to stay the night with her, so she can take us to the airport at some ungodly hour Thursday morning. Then it’s off to see Todd and Rachel for six days! (They’ll be so sick of us!) We’ve got a lot on the agenda, including a trip to the Metropolitan Opera and several TV show tapings, but mostly I’m just excited to see them after so long. Hopefully we’ll have a little down time up there to just catch up and hang out like we used to!

For now, it’s time to get some packing done, finish up laundry, and watch some American Idol. Hopefully the Dolly-butchering is kept to a minimum tonight… I’m hoping for some good stuff!


One response to “Weekend wind-up

  1. recycle michael!! i saw the pic @ the expo. hilarious!!

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