Now this is living

Now this is living

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It’s been a lovely weekend… beautiful weather, a fairly lax agenda, and just enough down time to get in some quality relaxing.

Thursday I went in to work early (like 4am early) to work for four hours before driving up to Oklahoma City with my folks for my great-grandmother’s funeral. We got to the church in time to make conversation with some of the extended family and then met up with my mom’s brother, sisters, and a few of my cousins to sit down for the luncheon. We sat with my grandmother, who is 72 and getting very frail (as opposed to my great-grandma, who died at 92 after many years of relatively good health).

The funeral itself didn’t do much for me… it was at their Church of Christ church, which is just always a time warp and total shift in theology for me. The funeral service was no exception; we were all admonished to claim Christ because it’s not too late, and He will claim us when we die. I told my mom later that I was glad to know that I’ve already been claimed by Christ, thankyouverymuch.

We followed the funeral procession for 40 minutes to the cemetery, where they had a record-breaking graveside service – less than 5 minutes for Psalm 23 and a prayer. Then the funeral staff kind of urged us on so they could do the business of getting Grandma in the ground. It was really a less-than-compassionate end. But I’m glad that she is at peace now, and not suffering through a long, slow decline.

After the graveside service we took the long, long way back from Bethany to SW OKC… we got a little lost around the airport but it was also a nice time to reflect and talk with my parents. We got back to Grandma’s house and I changed into jeans (it was MUCH COLDER than I was prepared for, just like New York) and we sat around talking with my grandma and my aunts. We all decided to go to dinner at Applebee’s in Moore, which put us close to my grandpa’s house.

After dinner, we went to Grandpa’s… who had no idea we were coming. We kind of surprised him and stayed up for a while talking. I was starting to really feel the 5 hours’ sleep I’d had the night before so I was glad to go to sleep.

Friday we got up and had some coffee with Grandpa and Bert, and then went to Krispy Kreme, where one of my aunts works. She gave us a few DOZEN doughnuts and we sat and had a few (not a few dozen!) and visited with her for a little while. From there, we went by my parents’ college so they could pick up transcripts for job applications, and then went back to Grandma’s. Mom wanted to get my great-grandmother’s 40-year-old Kitchenaid mixer for Jake, since he couldn’t go to the funeral. But he loves to cook and he had registered for a Kitchenaid mixer, and I know he’s going to love this one even more than a new one (it still works!). So after getting the all-clear from her aunts and uncle, Mom hauled it out of the kitchen. We said goodbye to my grandmother and hit the road back to Texas, and made it back into town around 5pm.

I dropped Mom and Dad off, relaxed with Ryan for a little bit, and then we met back up with my parents and Marty for dinner and drinks at Cellarman’s. After dinner we picked up some beer and they came over to our house to visit some more.

Saturday I got up (after sleeping in, yay) and went to work to finish the other half-day I missed on Thursday. I went by Subway and picked up a foot-long sub and met Ryan and the dogs at Herman Baker Park. We had lunch by the lake and then walked out to the peninsula with the dogs. They were doing okay until we were on the way back, and we encountered a few other dogs on the trail. Barker had a mini-meltdown and wore himself out pretty good, so when we got home he had a long drink of water and then passed out on the living room floor.

We had dinner at home and then went to Landon Winery in McKinney to pick up our wine club bottles. We had a nice tasting while we were there and Bob took us in the back to look at some of his new wines – one of which had literally blown the top off of one of the metal fermentation vats. We picked up a few extra bottles and headed back to Sherman.

Before we went home, we stopped by Wal-mart to pick up some photos and some cheese. We got home and Ryan lit the chiminea and I made a little cheese tray for us, and we sat in the backyard drinking wine, eating cheese, and talking. It was nice to just hang out at home on such a perfect evening.

This morning we went to church, then came home and enjoyed a nice, lazy afternoon. I’ve been wandering in and out of the house, playing with the dogs, napping on the couch, smelling the flowers in the backyard, folding laundry, etc. Ryan has been fiddling on the computer and started a batch of Summer Solstice homebrew, and the dogs have been howling at the ice cream man and sunning in the yard. It’s just been a great weekend all around, which reminds me that life goes on and we should take time to enjoy it.


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